Approved Applications:

Community support for Black Rock City Subway has been off the charts. As a government partership project, we fully expected an all-out NIMBY response. Fortunately for us, the citizens of Black Rock City not only embrace change, they dress it up and make it their own. Check out these awesome station applicaions:

Mystopia - 7:30 & Holy

We at camp Mystopia (7:30 and H, have a
chill tent, chill beats, bar and mysters going all day. We noted that
in direct opposition to our policy of PIMBY *(PLEASE in my back yard)
there is not a stop in our vicinity. If you make it out to our Reverse
Cow Girl Creamery on the playa (random days and times most likely to
be There.. Then) you drivers and passengers will be in for frozen
treats and thumpy beats. If necessary we can provide the karma-impact

Retrofrolic - 7:30 & Extraterrestrial

To Whom It May Concern,

All your subways are belong to us.

We here in the 7:30 neighborhood have been underserved by BRC's public transportation infrastructure long enough. Our taxes flow out, and get redistributed to those wretches in the 3:30 and 10:00 neighborhoods who are just welfare queens taking our hard-earned dollars. Therefore, we ask, no, we demand a subway stop at Retrofrolic, 7:30 and E, so as to make a statement that our government is not just here to give free health care and ponies to the 99%. WE ARE THE 1%!

Of course, we would never do something so common as to actually ride the damn thing. No, we'll just mock the proles as they file in and out on their way to and from their sad little jobs and their sad little lives. But we want a stop. Because subways.

Supreme High Assistant Deputy Secretary to His Royal Highness, John Frum.

Dye With Dignity - 4:00 & GDP

Dear Station Master General,

This letter is to inform you that the Station at 4 o'clock and GDP is available for reopening. It is in close proximity to Dye with Dignity and Jellybean's Giant Kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope crew would be willing to stock and distribute subway tokens and conduct travellers to the subway platform.

Please inform as to when the system can reconnect to the station and we will make the appropriate preparations.

I said good day,

Gypsy Nebula Village - 3:15 & Extraterrestrial

Hello! I am Grumpy Bear from The Gypsy Nebula Village located at 3:15 and Extraterrestrial. What a wonderful service you guys are providing! How convenient it will be to get around the playa! We would absolutely love to be a stop on your subway system! I know its a little late, and you are probably having construction delays due to all the rain on playa! But if there is any way you guys can still get us in, that would rock! We can even help dig from our side! Let me know! )'(

M*A*S*H 4207th - 2:30 & Airstrip

I'd like to enter M*A*S*H 4207th in the Great Station Placement Race. Due to a recreational chloroform accident, our commanding officer is unavailable so I will be submitting our application in his place.
There is currently no mass transit service available in the 2:30 & A neighborhood. Sure, there's a stop at 3:00 & A but it might as well be 10 miles away to glitter covered dancers staggering home from the sound camps.
We don't have much to offer and are pretty damned proud of it. Among our limited options are M*A*S*H PBRtinis and drinks with craploads of vodka (and cheap vodka at that) served by your favorite bartender, Issac from The Love Boat.
Our 25 seat movie tent is showing M*A*S*H episodes and the M*A*S*H movie 24 hours a day.
We also possess the one and only playa famous Keep Burning Man Potentially Fatal stencil, bring a t-shirt or human carcass to be painted up. Also available: Burn Sh*t and Suck it.
That's it, booze, paint, and reruns.
M*A*S*H, easy to find in 404: Village Not Found at 2:30 & A. Look for the army tents, camouflage netting, and an imposing guard tower.
We won't serve all your needs but the ones we do will be marginally tolerable.
M*A*S*H, "Best Care Anywhere", and we mean it.

Feel free to change any or all wording of this application to make us look friendlier and more glamorous than we really are.
Your friend,

CAMP ANITA - 7:15 & Extraterrestrial

DEAR Sir OR Madam OR Other,

SOLICITOUS GREETINGS to you and your family.

I have been searching for someone of your REASONABLENESS for TWO YEARS now to assist in what is a most CONFIDENTIAL and OPPORTUNISTIC business opportunity. A recent international LEAGUE OF NATIONS program left my agency with stored emergency supplies consisting of TWO MILLION GLOW STICKS and EIGHTY THOUSAND GALLONS of the cheapest VODKA.

We have a need to distribute these supplies before we are shut down due to interference of GOVERNMENT AGENTS "DISTRIKT". Your UNDERGROUND RAILWAY can assist us in releasing these supplies from the location of 7:15 & Extraterrestrial "CAMP ANITA" INCORPORATED. In return for your assistance we would grant you 15% of all deposits, in sum total ONE SMALL DUST MASK (child sized) & THREE ROLLS 1-ply TOILET PAPER. You would supply us with "SUBWAY TOKENS" and we would in exchange place aforementioned CHEAP VODKA inside BODILY ORIFICES of PASSERS BY.

This could be of GREAT BENEFIT to us all.

Yours in utmost HYGIENE,


Awesome Town - 8:15 & Consumer

The citizens of Awesome Town demand that if you are going to build a subway under our town that you at least establish a dedicated station that we might easily commute to our jobs on the other side of the playa. We are located at 8:15 and C and we are VERY familiar with environmental impact reports. We don't want to see this public works project delayed any more than you do, but we cannot sit by and allow our lives to be disrupted by the noise and danger of underground tunneling if there is no benefit to our populace. I'm sure you understand. Please let us know how we can help open the station doors.

fever, Esq.

7 Deadly Gins - 8:45 & GDP

We'd like to install a subway access behind the bar of 7 Deadly Gins. We may allow access to gin and tonic wielding patrons, but primarily it's so our bartenders can duck out to the orgy dome during slow periods.

Midnight Poutine - 6:45 & Desiderata

Hello there!
I just came across your website. I don't know anything else about your project but my camp and village might want to host a station.

We are Midnight Poutine, a food camp giving away thousands of plates of poutine (a québécois fast-food late night favourite). Our placement is 6h45 and D. We are part of Charcadia Village which consists of many fire art-oriented camps. All the other camp have major installations in the inner playa ( and smaller interactive installations in camp. We also have domes where seminars and talks will be held and one of our camps has an art car that will be used for aerials and theatrical performances ( In other words, we expect a lot of people will be visiting us at all hours of the day. Our frontage includes space for fire performances and burn barrels so I think we can accommodate a subway sign easily. What else does hosting a station entails?


LoveLand - 4:45 & False Idol

Hi, LOVE your project!
Would love to participate and be a stop on the subway line.
Check out our site for info and to get a vibe (also, come visit!):

Let us know how we can be a part of your amazing idea!

Playa Hugs,
Polar Bear

Talk To God Phone Booth - 8:45 & Esplanade

We would be beside ourselves to host a subway stop!

Hi my name is Captain Smiles and I am the installer/enabler and all around tech for the Talk To God Phone Booth. I think near the booth would be a perfect spot for the subway stop. The Talk To God Phone Booth that will be located on the playa side of 8:45 and Esplanade. It will be located in front of Camp - Red Lighting.

As reported by many Gods over the years we get a lot of questions for directions and it would be a gift to be able to tell these wondering lost souls to simply jump on the subway to get to there destination. Having a stop right there it would offer the kind of convenience and immediate satisfaction dare I say miracle that only "God" can provide. It would make our job more delightful in so many ways. I can not even begin to describe because I am laughing too much.

With great laughter and joy and gratitude for your brilliance I do hope to hear from you soon.

I will be hitting the playa on the 19th and should have the booth up on the 20th.
Dusty Blessings on you and yours,
Captain Smiles


Particle Camp - 4:10 & Biggie Size

Particle Camp/Bar, the Burning Cult of Bottled Thoughts photo studio, and the Penis van Gogh photo studio would love to host a station on the Black Rock Underground. While awaiting the next train, passengers can see how playa air quality has been affected by the presence of (amongst other things) the new-this-year subway system.

- Coyote

No Name - 6:30 & GDP

Hi guys,

We're at 6:30 and G, a Perfect location! just out from the intersection of G. we'd love to sponsor a station for you

NO Name Station

We're a small fun loving, hell raising sound camp (No Name) camp of about 15 crazy folks from all over the us, and Canada. Even Jesus camps with us - true story. Google search Burningman Jesus. Christian Times article, page 1. That's Bert and Phil in the article.

6:30 is the main entry artery for Sherriff, BLM, Green Turtle, artica, etc. tons of traffic, and tons of exposure and tons of dust (or mud). The Subway will get tons of free (de commodified) advertising there!

We're always "rocking the playa" with Pink Floyd concerts( nightly) or B 52 concerts (wed at 7pm) or Bachelorette parties (Thursday at 7:00 pm)

We pay 1960 hippy, psychedelic rock, and other rock songs up to 2013

We regularly STOP traffic with dance parties and Edward Sharpes Home song!

We will arrive early aug 21, and will be helping with Center Camp Cafe set up. You can hook up with us at cafe pre burn during the days, of come by our camp after dinner!

You'll hear us before you see us!