Aotearoa expansion 2020

For the past eight years, Black Rock City Subway construction has focused on the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. We started with winter construction in the soft playa mud, later supplemented with genetically engineered sandworms that could handle a moisture content higher than their native Arrakis. Despite those modifications, we were finding it difficult to cross oceanic barriers.

That all changed earlier this year when Survival Research Labs achieved a stable link with their Tannhauser Gate prototype. While the power requirements are still too high for interplanetary, let alone intergalactic, travel, it was possible to maintain gate stability long enough to extend the Black Rock City Subway system to the exposed tip of the mysterious eighth continent: Zealandia

While the station list is still being developed, on-site beta testing has revealed some issues of which patrons should be aware:

  • Do not wear an Apple watch, or carry a 5G cell phone, while attempting to enter a Black Rock City Subway station. In a minority of cases (49%, give or take .9%) ‘portal flicker’ has flung people into the river.
  • If you see someone who could be your identical twin, do not make eye contact. Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact. Power fluctuations on the US side of the Tannhauser Gate (stupid capitalistic deregulation) has caused quantum entanglement with a realm we have dubbed the ‘Blade Runner Universe’. If you make eye contact with your Replicant double, they can use their mastery of the Voight-Kampff Effect to convince you that you are the Replicant thereby forcing you to take their place in a dystopian nightmare. They do have flying cars, though; so there’s that.
  • There have been reports that people have experienced false memories while passing through a Tannhauser Gate. We are studying this ‘Recall Syndrome’ and will post updates as we remember them.
  • Baby sandworms are drawn to the river at night. While it is OK to pet them, we recommended against stretching them across your skin like a wet suit unless you have sufficiently altered your body chemistry.

If you would like to host a Black Rock City Subway station, please comment here or drop us a line* at

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