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Tokens? How dare you violate the principal of decommodification!

Well aren’t you adorable with your burnier-than-thou attitude. Are those clip-on dreads poking out under your culturally appropriated feather headdress? Just because you did a shift with the greeters doesn’t make you Larry’s proxy miss/mister buttercup. Trust me, we’ve heard this rant before.

We chose the word ‘token’ because it fit with the subway theme. Will you be able to untwist your tutu if we told you that its really a talisman? It’s a magick talisman that attunes you to the frequency of the entrances. Without a ‘token’, or having consumed copious amounts of fermented Gatorade that’s been infused with ghost peppers, you’ll walk around in circles oblivious to the entrance at your feet. token == talisman

Which Black Rock City Subway is the real Black Rock City Subway?

We get it. You’ve seen different style signs, multiple maps, conflicting reddit posts, tokens made of everything from wood to pure gold, ornate entrances in deep playa, and a clown leering out from under a porta-potty saying “We all ride the subway down here”. With all the variances in presentation, you just want to know which one is the real one.

They is only one; that one is all of them. From its inception, the Black Rock City Subway has made use of experimental trans-dimensional technology that is so powerful it bleeds through to alternate realities. In universes where the Black Rock City Subway exists, the tech we use exerts a natural attraction and the multi-dimensional systems organically form interconnections. Every incarnation of the Black Rock City Subway that you encounter is the real Black Rock City Subway. Use your token and take your ride!

Black Rock City, now with Trains!